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Introducing the Umicore Awards


The Umicore Awards was launched as a new global initiative to reward and recognize high-performing teams and individuals who make a real and discernible impact to our business success. This recognition program was designed to celebrate and strengthen the winning culture that defines our organization in every area, at every level. 

The first edition took place in 2018 and celebrated many winners across all areas of the business. From the multiple nominations made by the Senior Vice Presidents, the Executive Committee made the final selection of twenty-six winners on the basis of the biggest measurable impact on Umicore. The winners performed outstandingly in terms of safety, innovation, commercial, operational, environmental or societal achievements. They were celebrated at an event in Brussels in the presence of senior management.  

Examples of winning projects include the dramatic capacity andproductivity increase of the Automotive Catalysts operations globally, the international success of the new Rhoduna®Alloy product in Electroplating or the outstanding safety performance of the Umicore sites having exceeded 5 or 15 years with no Lost Time Accident. 
By recognizing the outstanding performances of our most exceptional people, we create examples of winning ways every employee can aspire to. While these awards enable us to increase engagement with our employees, they also contribute to our story as an employer. Recognition, including awards, supports the retention of the best people and reinforces the culture we want to unite our global organization. From a strategic point of view, it helps draw the business more closely towards our company values and Horizon 2020 goals. 


 A few numbers: 

  • 35 teams/individuals nominated​ 
  • 26 winners​ 
  • 75 trophies awarded​ 
  • 12 countries represented​ 
  • € 52,000 given to charity

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