In 2018 we delivered on our strategy to become the undisputed leader in clean mobility materials and recycling, winning new business which will accelerate growth over the coming years, stepping up R&D efforts, and expanding production capacity to meet growing demand. 

All this was accomplished while achieving record results and reaching our original Horizon 2020 objectives two years ahead of schedule. Our unique ability to close the materials loop together with certified clean and ethical supply are at the heart of our approach to sustainability. 

Our ongoing growth investments, combined with a promising innovation pipeline, put us in an ideal position to address the need for cleaner mobility and the growing scarcity of materials while creating shareholder value in the short, medium and long term.

Umicore at a glance

10,420 Colleagues
48 Production sites
14 R&D - Technical sites
5,723 17 5
838 11 2
678 5 1
2,922 14 6
259 1


€ 3,271m

+ 17% annual growth

R&D expenditure


of revenues

Recurring EPS

€ 1.36

per share

Recurring EBIT

€ 514m

more than doubled vs 2014




€ 478m

vast majority to clean mobility materials

Clean Mobility & Recycling


of revenues

Metal emissions to air

- 46%

vs 2015

Metal emissions to water

- 71%

vs 2015

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