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Talent attraction & retention

Strategic focus area

Great place to work

Change in risk profile


Change in opportunity profile


Potential impact

The attraction and retention of skilled people are important factors in enabling Umicore to fulfil its strategic ambitions and to build further expertise, knowledge and capabilities in the business. Being unable to do so would compromise our ability to deliver on our goals.

Horizon 2020 is predicated on disproportionate growth for Umicore in Asia – a region characterized by highly competitive and fluid labor markets. Umicore’s challenge is to attract and retain talent in the region on a sufficient scale and at an appropriate pace.

Change in context

Our accelerated expansion combined with competitive labor markets have created even greater recruitment needs.

Measures taken by umicore

We recruited the highest number of employees ever in 2018. To support our recruitment, we deployed our new global employer brand, with a special focus on challenging labor markets in Europe and Asia.

To attract employees, we participate at Job Fairs, on Campus events at Universities and making best use of professional recruitment and social media channels. We also focused on improving the personal experience during the recruitment process and optimizing the on-boarding process for newcomers.

We address retention, especially challenging in Asia, with initiatives to improve the well-being of our employees, through assessing and improving our positioning of compensation and benefits and by offering learning & development opportunities for our employees.

We also ensure leadership development and give special attention to the development of identified top talent through different initiatives and are very well positioned in terms of employee engagement and enablement.

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