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Energy efficiency

Normalized energy consumption

% - (1) and (2) see note E4 in Environmental Statements

We produce rechargeable battery materials for EVs, catalysts for reducing transport and industrial emissions, and contribute to resource stewardship by recycling metals and end-of-life products in a closed loop. In our own operations, we are committed to achieving further energy efficiency compared to our 2015 levels.

Energy consumption is continually monitored and regulated at all sites. The bigger contributors are additionally encouraged to develop energy efficiency projects and are required to report on them.

In 2018, 28 sites accounted for 95% of the Group’s energy consumption with a total of 42 energy efficiency projects implemented over the course of the year. By the end of the year, Umicore had achieved a 29% reduction in energy consumption compared to the 2015 baseline, correcting for production intensity. This result is the combination of improvements in productivity and the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Several Umicore sites have implemented the ISO 50001 energy efficiency standard and the two largest sites in Belgium have been part of the energy efficiency covenant with the Flemish government since 2004.

Due to added capacity and higher activity levels across several sites in our Rechargeable Battery Materials activities, Recycling activities and new Automotive Catalysts acquisitions, the total marketbased CO2e emissions increased 21% in comparison with 2017.

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