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The global materials technology & metals recycling group 

Providing tomorrow’s sustainable solutions for clean mobility and recycling

Umicore is uniquely positioned in all aspects of clean mobility materials and in recycling. We provide clean-mobility solutions for all platform types and we recycle these materials when they reach the end of their useful life.

Using our metallurgy, chemistry and materials science expertise, this closed-loop business model is our powerful differentiator and it will continue to be the basis on which we carry out our business and build our strategy.

We provide automotive catalysts to clean the exhaust gases from internal combustion engines for lightduty and heavy-duty vehicles of all fuel types, and the rechargeable battery materials and automotive catalysts that are required to power hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles. We also produce catalysts for fuel cell-powered vehicles and for static or industrial applications.

Umicore operates one of the world’s most sophisticated precious metals recycling facility and, across our activities, we can recover 28 precious and non-ferrous metals from industrial residues, used electronic scrap, batteries, automotive and industrial catalysts, fuel cells and more. We also provide recycling services to customers to help maximize their efficiency.

The recovered materials are then transformed into pure metals or new products.

We develop custom materials and ensure that processes take account of health and safety, recyclability, cost efficiency, waste reduction and energy efficiency, both in our own facilities and across the value chain.

We believe our success is linked to how we balance the economic, environmental and social impact of our operations. Our integrated approach to sustainability is not just about minimizing the impact of our industrial operations:  our commitment to ethical and responsible sourcing give us a greater competitive edge while delivering value for all.

Umicore strives to have a positive impact, enhancing quality of life through our products and services, reducing harmful vehicle emissions, giving new life to used metals, powering the cars of the future.  

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